Friday, April 13, 2012

Songs of March: Best of 2012 (Part 2)

The Song Most Likely to Say "Get Over Yourself." is... "Come Back Down" by Greg Laswell and Sara Bareilles

Just listen to it; you'll see what I mean.  The video is visual overload, but the harmonies will get you.  This is a track from Greg's new album Landlines, which will be out April 24th.  This has been my work song, my work out song, my cooking song, whatever.  And, when the world gets too much, just remember, all of your wallowing is unbecoming.

Here's another great song from the new album: Back to You, with Elizabeth from & the Catapult fame.  It's pretty great, and Greg made the video himself.

Song/Video Most Likely to Charm Your Socks Off - "Love Lost" by The Temper Trap

You know that these freckled, pasty boys are the most popular kids in school now. This is also a great song to run to. You just have to remember NOT TO DO THE DANCE.

Songs Most Likely to Sound Familiar - "Big Jet Plane" by Angus and Julia Stone, and...

"Take You Higher" by Goodwill & Hook N Sling

Yeah, so this is more of a remix, but with a brand new title too.  So which one do you like?

Honorable Mention for Familiar Song goes to...

"Can You Tell" by Ra Ra Riot, and...

"Can You Tell" by Rachael Cantu


  1. I know it prolly makes me a music Philistine or not cool enough or something... but I LOVE the Goodwill & Hook and Sling version. LOVE. Not that I don't like the original, but, really, LOVE.

  2. what does "all of your wallowing is unbecoming" mean?

  3. Hi Julie, It means that feeling sorry for yourself makes you look bad. For instance, if a shirt is "becoming" or "becomes you." it means it looks good on you or makes you look better.