Monday, December 26, 2011

Best of 2011: Songs from October

If September was a month of male vocalists, the ladies invaded my iTunes with a vengeance in October.  One of those women was Sarah Jaffe.  This is one of those great finds that was sent my way by my buddy over at Engine145.  Even though we rarely agree on music (or Lenny Kravitz), she has a good ear for knowing stuff I'll like. This next one, just to warn you, is NSFW.

See, I told you.  The thing that makes this song scandalous is not the language, it's the fact that it's a woman using the language.  This is a cover of Drake's song, and no one bats an eye when he sings these lines.

"Bedroom Eyes" was a free download on iTunes one week, and it was one of those rare occasions when it's actually a good song. Dum Dum Girls have since become one of those bands like Fleet Foxes or The Black Keys that are available in vinyl at your local Urban Outfitters.  You know what I'm saying. But it will make you dance.  It's like Florence + the Machine, but without the annoyance of actually listening to Florence.

I first heard of BOY from Dorothy Surrenders, the best written blog on the internet. Really.  And that's all I have to say about the matter.

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